Pano Gallery #3

by Andrew Looney, December 2010

Pano Gallery #2 ended with a view of my office. Here are a couple of other views of that space:

Here's a nice image of our recently reorganized game room:

Here's a view of the DC metro during a recent trip downtown:

...and here's a spot on the Mall where an entrance arch from a Paris subway station has been installed as an art piece:

Here we see half of Keith Baker, and his fiance Jenn x 2, in the Hirshhorn sculpture garden, with Pomodoro's Sphere #6 (one of my faves since the musuem first opened):

This is at the Kennedy Center, on the day of the Looney Labs company outing to see the recent revival production of Hair:

Here's Alison performing a few of her original songs at an open mic during the annual Alice's Restaurant party some friends of ours host:

and here she is again, in a double-vision blur of hula-hooping:

Next we have a couple of images from an early winter afternoon by the firepit in our backyard. First, there's the Point of View (POV) shot:

...then there's the scene as seen from the upstairs window:

Lastly, here are some of our friends dressed up as pirates as they play Pirate Fluxx for a video introduction to the game we made. From left to right we see Paula, Chort, Davy, Kevin, and Rink.

Again, I still just totally love Pano. (Did you see Gallery #1 and Gallery #2?)

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