Pano Gallery #2

by Andrew Looney, November 2010

I'm still having a ton of fun taking panoramic photos with my iPhone! For starters, here's a couple from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear:

It was so crowded that most of our friends got stuck in wall-to-wall people and had to stand the whole time... but me and Kristin and Josh and Jake and Simone got there early enough to snag a spot with room to sit:

As usual, we carved a whole bunch of pumpkins for Halloween:

Here's a group shot of the current full-time Looney Labs team, during a staff meeting when Jenn was in town. Going from left to right, that's Robin, Alison, Josh, me, Jennifer, and Kristin. This is a great example of how we can now take group photos that include the photographer!

Here's a side view of that same long skinny space, during our regular weekly game night:

Here's we see a smaller gaming group I do a lot of my secret playtesting with, back at Wunderland.Earth. That's Kristin on the left, then Davy, Shel, and Josh.

Here are a couple of scenes from of our warehouse space at our fullfillment partner, PMC (Print Mail Communications). These were taken by Kristin and Robin during a recent trip to visit Brian, our warehouse manager. That's him in the back of "the cage" with Kristin:

...and here's a closer view of Brian, talking to Robin:

Here's one Kristin took at Franklin's, a local store that carries a lot of cool stuff (including some of our games):

For Sharon's Day this year, we went to King's Dominion to ride roller coasters. Here's a view of part of the park from the top of their Effiel Tower:

We also attended the Maryland Renaissance Festival this year:

John and I spent many hours hanging out at our favorite spot, in the White Hart Tavern (located at the far right in the photo above). We played several unpublished pyramid games, feasted on Ye Olde cuisine, and visited with various friends who'd find us there over the course of the day. (That's our Standard Operating Procedure now -- he and I have been visiting this Brigadoon-like city for over 30 years at this point...) Here you see us trying out Pharaoh, joined by Gina, before she followed Alison's lead and went off to see shows and such.

Evenutally we left the tavern and checked out other stuff, like the Jousting...

Lastly, here are a couple of nice views from around Wunderland.Earth. First, here's the Foyer just after we finally got rid of that big useless soda machine and a bunch of other junk that's been choking this space for ages:

And here's a cool look at some of the stuff in my office/living room:

Anyway, Pano is great! It's totally changed the way I think about photography! (And don't miss Gallery #1...)

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