Icebreaker 2

Although it will almost certainly never see the light of publication, a sequel to Icebreaker does exist. During the slack phase in the months after I'd finished Icebreaker and my employer didn't know what to have me do next, I created a sequel to Icebreaker, on the off-chance that it would be a big hit and they'd want to do a quick second game. I added lots of new features and levels to the original 3DO version. It even includes really cool art by the same guy who did the original art, Mr. Dave Bondi. Alas, since development work done on the 3DO can only be played on development hardware, you'll probably never get to play Icebreaker 2 anywhere except at my house.


Psychos (Psychedelic Seekers): A new type of seeker that looks like a rainbow pyramid but moves like a Limey. Like rainbow pyramids, they turn into another pyramid when shot, either a seeker that immediately vaporizes or a blue or green piece which stays put. This means that the player who shoots a Psycho may make negative progress towards the goal of destroying all pyramids, as new pyramids are added to the landscape whenever a Psycho turns into a blue or green pyramid. It also means you get new pyramids in places where they've never existed before, like on the edge of a pit or out in the wasteland.

Juggernauts (Invulnerable Seekers): A new type of seeker that is not destroyed when you shoot it. Juggernauts can avoid obstacles but not hazards, so the only way to destroy them is to lure them into a pit or a pool of lava.

Redcoats (Lurker chameleons): Just as the original chameleons were Limeys that looked like green pyramids until you got close to them, Redcoats are Lurkers that look like red pyramids until you get too close. Of course, these are worse that original chameleons simple because you can't outrun Lurkers.

Bummers (Cyan chameleons): Again, just as the original chameleons were Limeys that looked like green pyramids until you got close to them, Bummers are light blue seekers that resemble blue pyramids until you get within range. These also are worse than original chameleons simply because people who've played Icebreaker will have gotten into the habit of running right into blue pyramids without thinking about it.

Mirror pyramids: A blackish-silvery pyramid that shatters when you ram it. However, when you shoot it, your shots bounce off at a 90 degree angle. If that shot hits another mirror pyramid, it will bounce again... and if it bounces around enough to get back to where you are, your own shot will kill you.

Steel pyramids: This new type of pyramid is a cross between a concrete pyramid and a purple pyramid. When you shoot it, it heats up. When it gets sufficiently hot (around seven shots) it will melt, creating a new lava tile where it originally stood. Additionally, steel pyramids cool down again very quickly, meaning you'll need to start over if you leave the destruction of a steel pyramid unfinished.

Slimy pyramids: A cross between a red pyramid, a purple pyramid, and a slime tile. If you run into it, it kills you. What's worse, when you shoot it, it creates a slime tile.

Seeker generators: A special tile that lets all types of seekers appear on the playing field in the way that Zombies do in the original. It's rather like a Star Trek transporter room.

Brand new levels: The most recent version of Icebreaker 2 has over 100 new levels. Some of them are really really good. I'd have to say the best of them is "Strange Reflections" (#74), created by Mr. Paul Murphy.

A built in Screen Saver: Leave the game unattended for 5 minutes at the Level Grid or the End of Level screen and you'll return to find pyramids wandering around the darkened screen looking for you.

The Lurker Easter egg: Go to level 76 (The Pyrminator) and destroy the steel pyramid in the bottom right hand corner. Get killed by falling into resulting lava pool. After this, go to a level with Lurkers and see what happens. (This easter egg was included in the windows version.)

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