Andy vs. Everybody

I like playing games, but I hate waiting for my turn. One way I like to get around this is with games like IceTowers or Falling in which it's always everyone's turn, but my favorite way to minimize downtime is by playing multiple games simultaneously. Given this, and the fact that I'm a professional game inventor, there's an event we now run whenever we go to a convention which we call Andy Vs. Everybody.

What we do is to create a ring-shaped group of tables with Everyone sitting on the outer sides of the table and me in the middle, so that I can run over to any spot quickly. Then we set up various Looney Labs games at different spots around the tables, and I'm a player in every game. We have these cute little flags (Thanks again Russell for making those!) which the players stand up whenever it's my turn; I get there as fast as I can, take my turn, and set the flag back onto its side. In this way I can play as many as 12 games at once (that's how many flags we have) and I always have a great time doing it. I even do pretty well, too, generally winning a quarter to as many as a third of the games I play!

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