The Chocolate Factory

On entering this room, you are nearly overpowered by the smell of chocolate. The chocolate factory is constantly at work producing thoughts on the subject of chocolate. In the center of this room is a gigantic vat of churning, boiling, bubbling chocolate, and chocolate desserts are scattered around this room in huge abundance. These include chocolate angel food cakes, chocolate soufflés, Yule logs, fudge, chocolate chip cookies of many different varieties, pixies, chocolate cream pies, hot fudge sundaes, chocolate fondues, Mars bars, chocolate and vanilla buttercreams, Cadbury creme eggs, and fresh Reese's peanut butter cups.

Kristin is here. She looks kind of sick to her stomach. "I'm not all that big on chocolate," she whispers to you, conspiratorially.

Robin is also here, gleefully digging into a hot fudge sundae (with chocolate sprinkles).

From here you can go to the Id, the Diner, the Funny Bone, or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.

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