Self-Rising Flour

You'll notice the basic recipe for Beer Bread calls for self-rising flour. Now, I don't know of much you can make with self-rising flour, except Beer Bread, so I didn't (and still don't) tend to keep it on hand. Which means going out for special ingredients every time I wanted to make Beer Bread (besides the beer, which is always a special ingredient for me, since I certainly don't drink the stuff -- yech!).

Now, I knew self-rising flour was just regular flour with some extra stuff -- baking soda and salt, but I didn't know what proportions of these to add, so I was stuck always buying it, searching for the "recipe". Well, would you believe it, I found it on the side of a self-rising flour bag (it seems dumb of them to put it there, since because of that I no longer had to buy their product, but hey -- I'm grateful).

to each cup of regular all-purpose flour add:
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

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