The Evolution of, and Finally, the Recipe for...

Pink Drink

This is just a smoothie-type thing made in the blender. I started tying to duplicate the delicious drink served in Indian restaurants called a Lahssi. It usually comes in Mango and some other flavor I forget now, since I never order it. Here is what I came up with as a base recipe for a...

Blend the following in a blender:
some plain yogurt
chopped up fresh mango (I'm sure they use canned in the restaurants)
some sugar "to taste"
some water "to consistency"

Then I started using other fresh fruits that I thought would go well --strawberries, peaches, other berries worked well, although seedy things like blueberries and kiwi didn't work as well, nor did fruits that didn't blend to a good consistency, like plums and grapes. But I experimented, and I encourage you to do so too. I also concluded: why add water and sugar, when I can add fruit juice, which is essentially the same thing, but better for you? So I substituted fruit juice in.

Also, during a similar time frame, I occasionally made a drink I could not decide whether to call...

Bananberry or Cranana Juice:
a banana
some cranberry juice

which, predictably, was a drink made by blending a banana with some cranberry juice. Since I couldn't decide which name was cooler, I sometimes called this Pink Drink (which is also a pretty cool name).

Don't ask my why I never thought of it before, but a sort of combination of these two recipes produces something wonderful, especially with the addition of frozen berries instead of fresh, which I noticed one day in the grocery. This is what is now known today as the true Pink Drink (since it's not just Bananberry/Cranana Juice, but it's most definitely pink, it inherited that title.) The frozen berries are the perfect solution to the expense and hassle of keeping fresh berries on hand all the time.

Pink Drink:
a banana
several large scoops of plain yogurt (I use non-fat)
(about 3/4 inch off the top of a large 2 lb. container)
a handful of frozen berries
(raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, mixed berries, whatever)
a slosh of cranberry juice

Now blend. Adjust ingredients to whatever consistency and sweetness you prefer. For two people I start with two bananas, and fill the blender up to the top. For one, I do one banana, and attempt to only fill it halfway. You'll get huge glasses of the stuff, but it's so good you won't mind gulping it down (except it's a bit cold on the throat what with the frozen berries and all).

Experiment with ingredients. Different juices add different subtle flavors. Cherry cider was nice. Using just blackberries makes it almost "Purple Drink" which is very attractive. If you're out of an ingredient, you can sometimes make it anyway, adjusting the texture and sweetness with the other ingredients.

I've tried freezing banana slices for later use. As the only fresh fruit ingredient, they can be the hardest to keep on hand consistently. Frozen bananas with the frozen berries can get a little thick for the blender to handle, but mix it around a bit with a spoon (turn off the blender to do this!) and it will work. In the summer, going heavy on the frozen ingredients makes a thick slushy drink that will cool you off fast.

Go for it! It's great! (and pretty good for you too)

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