A Message to the Drug Peace Movement

Stoner Fluxx decks will start shipping from our warehouse the week of November 17th, and we're doing a mailing of sample decks to the media and others who will promote or raise awareness about the new game. (We have distribution; the game will start showing up in stores nation-wide in early December!)

Unfamiliar with Stoner Fluxx?
* Read our announcement last month.
* Preview Stoner Fluxx box art and political activism statements.
* Read a little about Andrew Looney and Looney Labs

Anyone who represents an organization that is working for drug peace is encouraged to add themselves to this list and send us information about your organization.

We are going to donate $1 from every deck sold to drug peace organizations - so we will soon have a pool of money to work with. We want to start by becoming members of any group that is fighting for drug peace

We Donate $1.00 Per Deck

Looney Labs will donate $1 from the sale of each deck (nearly 25% of our profits) to various organizations fighting for drug peace.

Get a copy for yourself on pre-order!

Stoner Fluxx : Coming just in time for Christmas 2003: it's a new version of Fluxx from That Hippie Game Company, Looney Labs! Stoner Fluxx adds a new goal to the card game with ever-changing rules: helping to end marijuana prohibition! The bright green packaging is clearly labeled for Adults, so it shouldn't be confused with the original Fluxx, plus it includes important messages like "Wait until it's legalized" and "Remember, It's More Polite To Say 'No, Thank You' To Drugs". With all-new Keepers and Goals, and on-subject Actions like "Munchie Attack!" and "Uh... What Were We Just Doing?" this game provides plenty of laughs. In short, Stoner Fluxx is a fun new edition of this very popular card game - that will help get the conversation started and encourage the pot-smokers of America to say enough is enough.

Help us promote Stoner Fluxx!
Buy an Un-Cut Sheet

Think about it this way...

You care enough about this movement to donate $100 to some of the wonderful groups who are fighting so hard to change the unjust marijuana laws. Right?

Please let us use your contribution for a little while first (to send out promotional samples of this new card game) and we will turn it over to organizations like NORML, the Drug Policy Alliance, MPP, and MAPinc.org in donations as the card decks sell. $1 per deck sold. (Did I mention we've sold over 100,000 copies of the card game Fluxx, which this game is based on? over 30,000 copies this last year alone!)

Plus, your money also gets you a limited edition signed and numbered un-cut sheet!

Buy two - get one for a friend! Each $100 you spend will pay for 14 decks to be mailed out to the media.

We want to put Andy onto talk shows to talk about Drug Peace!

He is already a known personality in the game industry - well known, well loved, and fun to interview. And he's got a really good story to tell. Check out his 7 reasons to change your mind essay ... it starts with his background and talks about how he was 30 years old the first time he ever tried smoking pot.

A little bit about Looney Labs...

Kristin and Andrew Looney run a little game company called Looney Labs - affectionately know as "That Hippie Game Company." Our games are in stores all over the country (and the world - we have 7 international distributors!) Our biggest hit is a fun family card game called Fluxx which has sold over 100,000 copies, and has just been translated by a big German game company. Fluxx is starting to show up in the mass market in places like Borders, The Game Keeper, and Calendar Club.

We also vigorously oppose marijuana prohibition, and have decided to put our money and our reputation where our hearts are and publish a stoner edition of our most popular card game. We are trying to get some national media attention for our company, our games, and the drug peace movement in the process.

We first became activists back in 1997, when we attended the 10th annual High Times Cannabis Cup. Andy started writing about the unjust laws by publishing a report on legal pot-smoking in Amsterdam. For a little over 6 years now, we have been publishing a wacky weekly webzine (called Wunderland.Com) which talks about whatever is going on this week at our little game company, including our visits to various NORML conferences, the Million Marijuana March, the Boston Freedom Festival and game demos we have run at medical marijuana buyer's clubs out in California. You will find more than 3000 pages of content at our web site; check out Andy's activist page for links to all of our drug peace related content.

Thanks for helping us try to change the world!


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