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NOTE: Due to a lack of time and resources to properly manage this effort, we have deactivated this promotion for the time being. Please do not submit Stoner Fluxx to any new radio stations. Thanks!

Radio Stations and the Stoner Fluxx Promo

These radio stations have already been contacted.

Updated May 3, 2004

NOTE: Mad Lab Rabbits interested in promoting Stoner Fluxx through radio stations should check this list before contacting a station. Once you have verified that the station is not on this list, please proceed as described in Promoting Stoner Fluxx to Radio Stations. This list may not be complete, but we try to update it regularly.

Station List

Station Contacted Sent Decks Interviewed On
KCZR (Star 97), Tuscon, AZ X X  
WAAF (107.3), Boston, MA X    
WBBB (96 Rock), Raleigh, NC X    
WBCN (104.1), Boston, MA X    
WBYR, Ft. Wayne, IN X X Gasman and Lorraine Show, Dec. 11, 2003
WDOT (The Point), VT X    
WFRD, Lebanon, NH X    
WKNC (88.1), Raleigh, NC X    
WMNF (88.5), Tampa, FL X    
WNCS (The Point), VT X    
WRDU (106.1), Raleigh, NC X    
WRJT (The Point), VT X    
WSUN (97X), St. Petersburg, FL X    
WXTB, Tampa, FL X    
WXYC (89.3), Chapel Hill, NC X    
WYVN, Holland, MI X X Tim Steele Morning Show, Dec. 8, 2003

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