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NOTE: Due to a lack of time and resources to properly manage this effort, we have deactivated this promotion for the time being. Please do not submit Stoner Fluxx to any new radio stations. Thanks!

Promoting Stoner Fluxx to Radio Stations

by Marlene Bruce
January 8, 2004

We are working with radio stations to promote Stoner Fluxx and need your help!

You can earn:

The best part is, all you have to do is contact the station ... you get points for the rest if they happen on their own. (If more than one rabbit contacts the same station the 5 extra points will be split, but each rabbit gets the first point.)

Pick a Radio Station

Which radio stations do you listen to? Do any of them have morning or evening drive-time shows that might be interested in talking about Stoner Fluxx? How about shows you hear mid-day or late at night? Make a short list of possible stations and shows.

Before you do anything else, make sure your stations aren't already on the list of Radio Stations Contacted! Sorry, but we cannot award Rabbit Points for stations already on the list.

Contact the Station(s)

Most radio stations have web sites. Find the site and locate an email address for the station (usually on the "contact us" or "about us" page).

If the site lists a Promotions Director email address that would be your best bet. If there is no web site or you can't find an email, call and ask to speak to the Promotions Director or request his or her email address.

Then send the following message, filling in the [bracketed text] appropriately:

Dear [station call letters] Promotions Director,

My name is [first last] and I am a listener and fan of your station and [show name]. I am also a fan of Looney Labs Games and am hoping you'll be interested in featuring their latest product, Stoner Fluxx (a game about weed, freedom and the pursuit of happiness), on [show name]. Stoner Fluxx is a brand new version of the popular card game Fluxx (which has sold over 130,000 copies to date, and is available in 1100+ stores worldwide).

If you're interested, Looney Labs will send you a FREE six-pack of Stoner Fluxx, one for yourself, and 5 more to give away each day for a week. Consider giving them away at 4:20 each afternoon!

Numerous stations around the country have already featured Stoner Fluxx on their morning programs, and several have interviewed the inventor, Andy Looney (he's an excellent interviewee!). If you want to inquire about interviewing Andy, please call Marlene at 301-441-1019 or contact us.

Go to this link to learn more and order your free decks (link is case sensitive): http://www.looneylabs.com/OurStores/product.html?ProductID=192

Thanks for thinking about promoting Stoner Fluxx!
[Your name]

REMEMBER: In order to earn Rabbit Points you must contact us. us every time you contact a new station. If you're using a web form to email the station, copy and email us the text of your message from the form. And please … check the station list first!

Thank You for being a Mad Lab Rabbit!

Remember Stoner Fluxx is a game is for adults. Rabbits who are not yet adults themselves should not be helping us promote this game. Please read "Our Message to Children" and "Our Message to Young Adults" and stick to promoting our other games until you are older. Thanks!

Thank you for helping us try to change the world!

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