Big Experiment #5 brought to you by...

Looney Labs: Andy Looney, Kristin Looney, Alison Frane, Russell Grieshop, Marlene Bruce

Rabbits: Ross Andrews, Chris Ballowe, Dan Brashler, Lillian Butler, Dave Chalker, John Cooper, Jacob Davenport, Gina Mai Denn, Nathan Dilday, Josh Drobina, Dan Efran, Elliott Evans, Emily Frawley, Craig Forbes, Jay Forbes, Maria Galloway, Kory Heath, Steve Hoffman, Dan Isaac, Shaun Klein, Bob Mabry, Kristin Matherly, Petra Mayer, Ryan McGuire, Andrew Plotkin, Clark Rodeffer, Tim Seiger, Tucker Taylor, Carol Townsend, Jesse Welton, Eric Zuckerman, etc.

Recycling again in 2004 by Becca Stallings (read her report)

(Are you a Rabbit who wants to help plan Origins? Email your Rabbit URL to Russell and he will add you to the Origins discussion list.)

June 24th-27th 2004 at Origins
Columbus Convention Center
400 N High Street, Columbus, OH 43215

Big Experiment #5 at Origins 2004!

It was a blast!

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