Fluxx Version 4

The Card Game With Ever-Changing Rules has changed again!

Fluxx Version 4.0 has many cool features:

  • Colorized artwork, based on the originals, with a few redrawn (most changed is the Moon)
  • 100 cards instead of 84
  • New cards include some which debuted as promo cards (like the Party and the Radioactive Potato), the return of old favorites (like the Eye and Taxes), and an all new-Keeper (the Cosmos)
  • War, Death, and Taxes have been re-classified as Creepers
  • Newly-styled two-piece box, with cosmic purple cover art
  • New rulesheet, featuring great new Frequently Asked Questions section
  • Another totally new type of card, the Meta Rule, making its debut in the form of a well-tested tournament rule called Rules Escalation

For more details, see Andy's WWN article from 11/6/8 describing what's new in this new version of Fluxx.

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Here's a sampler of the new artwork:

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