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Cosmic Coasters: The Rules

Goal: Be the first to transport one of your ships back home from an opponent's Teleport Pad.

Key: The circle in the center is the Teleport Pad. The square spaces are Factories, and the triangles are Control Points.

Setup: Each player gets one planet and a fleet of seven identical coins. Place your fleet onto your planet, leaving two Factories empty, and pick a Special Power. Play Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) to see who goes first.

Turn Options: During each turn, you may Teleport, Build, or Move a ship one space.

Teleporting: If you are the only player occupying two or more Control Points anywhere around a Teleport Pad, you may transport the ship on that pad to any spot on another planet (or into nothingness). An arriving ship destroys the ship it teleports onto.

Building: If you occupy the two Control Points flanking an empty Factory, and you have spare parts (destroyed ships) available, you may build a new ship on that Factory.

Movement/Combat: You can move a ship into any space it is connected to. If another ship occupies that space, you are attacking it. Combat is resolved by a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors, as follows:

Win: Defender destroyed, you enter.
Lose: Your attack fails. No one moves.
Tie: Defender destroyed, but you do not move in.

The Special Powers

Each player is also assigned a special ability to use during the game. Each coaster features a different special power, as follows:

Stinging Defense (Io): When someone attacks you and you win, their ship is destroyed.

Teleport Inhibitor (Ganymede): You can repel invaders. To Teleport to your planet, your opponent must not lose to you at RPS. If you tie, they can only land on an empty space.

Warning System (Europa): Whenever someone Teleports onto you, you may escape into any adjacent empty space. (But if your ship is trapped, it gets destroyed.)

Rapid Tranist (Callisto): You can Move two spaces at a time if you wish, but you can't jump over ships in your way. (If you attack from two spaces away and fail, you decide which of those two spaces to remain in.)

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