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Surprise! Since Andy seems to have put my name in this week's WWN, I figured you should have something to look at when you clicked on the link.


  • The August West Gallery: Petting my puppy is one of the most important things I do these days.
  • Lesney Ginny Dolls: I've started collecting dolls. Visit to see why.
  • Some older stuff: A few bits of writing, photos.
  • We're Blossburg Proud! My family & I made a site for our hometown, Blossburg, Pennsylvania. Dad & I have spent some time writing a biographical summary of my great-great-grandfather, William B. Wilson, the first U.S. Secretary of Labor. Somehow he also manages to get me wrangled into doing Blossburg photography such as the Coal Festival Car Show. It seems my camera has some light leakage issues.
  • Lambda Literary Foundation: I used to have a little web development company, but we didn't like doing the billing and stuff, so we stopped billing. Now we support this site with big technical issues and try to avoid my dad pushing us to re-start it!
  • salon.com: I start my morning with its cheery pages.
  • egroups.com: I participate in a number of egroups lists including the Blossburg List, atypical-feminists, a-poodle-pal, ex-Libertarian, and no-puppymills.
  • Z Magazine/Z Net: Need a radical analysis? Go here. Some of today's best thinkers hang out here, such as Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Barbara Ehrenriech, Lydia Sargent....
  • Vote Nader: I'm an anarchist, but I also believe we have to use some available tools such as the vote and I plan to vote Nader. And for all you progressive types that think voting for Nader will just give Bush the win, I challenge you to vote your real beliefs and vote Nader. If progressives would just get together, we could win this election. But it takes work... I plan to leaflet my community and hopefully hand out more Tirade/Vote Nader buttons that Kristin, Andy, Alison, Shel and I handed out on the 4th of July.
  • Merwolf's Cave: I'm a Xena junkie. Missy Goode's uberfiction is good, too.
  • The Non-Libertarian FAQ: Why libertarianism is an inherently flawed ideological position.
  • An Anarchist FAQ: A very modest title for an excellent document detailing the history and diversity of anarchist thought. Includes great analysis of "anarcho-capitalism," objectivism, and 1960s-present rightwing American "libertarian" philosophy.
  • Common Dreams: News for progressive types. Includes syndicated columnists, top mainstream and alternative news.
  • Statement of Principles: American Ethical Union
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