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New this week: Chapter 80, in which it's the morning after, and Lisa has to leave

famulus (fam'-yuh-lus) n. a private secretary or attendant.

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There were some very good laughs but I found it ultimately unsatisfying. It just had too many gangsters and therapists for my tastes. (Normally, I would never have even gone to this film, but we were playing Final Showtime Roulette and there just wasn't anything else.)

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Thursday, April 1, 1999

What's New?

New Iceland cartoonthe story so far

Contagious Dreams report: We've received enough games for review now that I've had to start a list of games we're looking at, who's signed up to review them, and what the status of the review is. We've also got some new dreamer profiles as well as the first couple of tester profiles. Plus, toK has written reviews for two Looney Labs products: 53 Spades and Proton.

Fluxx Third Printing report: As usual, there's another delay. We were supposed to have received decks yesterday, but instead we're told it'll still be a couple of days. Boxes are now printed and loaded with cards, but they're still being shrink-wrapped and packed into display boxes. Thank you again to those of you with languishing orders, for being patient... with luck, by next week those orders will all be shipped out.

If you read this site regularly, you've probably noticed a few minor changes to this page. I re-organized the left column a bit, redrawing all the icons in the process, and introducing several place holders for new features we're planning. These include an FAQ file for, and a page for that "future" button to point to: The Time Travel Sweepstakes. Watch for these in coming weeks, and if you've got any questions you think should be answered in the FAQ, now's the time to send 'em in.

Also, the column now includes a sponsorship zone, which of course displays icons for our other two websites, Looney Labs and Contagious Dreams. But we're also entertaining the notion of carrying one or two paid sponsorship buttons each week... anybody got an opinion? We have no idea of how much to charge for such an ad, but if you're interested in becoming a sponsor, make us an offer and we'll talk.

This week finds us with a new resident here at Wunderland.Earth: A bird. To be more precise, it's a Quaker Parakeet named Green Bean. The bird belongs to Alison, who recently moved back to the area after finishing up grad school. Alison doesn't really have a fixed address at this time, and is staying with friends while trying to figure out what to do with her life. Now, while Alison is a charming houseguest that anyone would be happy to entertain, Green Bean is somewhat less easy to live with. He squawks loudly and frequently, and Jen and Michael, who aren't used to having noisy pets around, have grown weary of the bird.

Now, as I said, Alison currently has no permanent address, and consequently, she's been hanging out at our house quite a bit these last few weeks. So, she asked if we'd be willing to harbor a fugitive bird for a while, and we said yes. So now there's this birdcage in the bay window of our kitchen.

I've never spent much time with a bird before, and I'm finding it fascinating. Birds are very different beasts from cats, which are the only creatures I'm accustomed to living with (besides Kristin). But we've been getting along quite well so far.

This bird is one of those birds who can be trained to say various things, and Green Bean has quite a range of expressions, including "Hi!", "How ya doin?", "Boogity-boogity", and "Wanna dance?" When Green Bean does a trick properly, Alison rewards him with a Cheerio. The bird then very meticulously carries the dry little donut over to his water bowl and dunks it in, carving the unit of cereal into 4 or 5 tiny bird-sized bites for consumption. This alone is endlessly entertaining. (At least that's what I think right now... we'll see how fascinating I find it after the bird's been here a few months....)

The cats, I'm happy to say, find Green Bean only mildly interesting and not at all threatening. We had worried we'd have a Tweety and Slyvester situation on our hands (times 4), but overall the cats seem pretty unimpressed by this new resident. But then again, who can figure out cats?

Don't forget to play!

Thought Residue
This new series called "Futurama" is great! I think I'm gonna like it even more than the Simpsons. (But did you notice how similar that green spaceship was to the rocket I drew for Aquarius?)
The system works! My car overheated in rush hour traffic on Tuesday, and within just a few minutes, a cop stopped by to see what was wrong. He called up a truck that came out to help me, and with fresh water in my radiator, I was quickly back on the road, all at no charge!
There's something oddly satisfying about watching footage of anti-American protesters in Yugoslavia as they smash up a McDonald's.

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