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Some observers detect a Celtic motif in this ball, but the black crosses on my newer example remind me of the Netherlands' capital -- the symbol of Amsterdam has nothing to do with its lascivious reputation -- instead, it represents three catastrophes that ravaged the city: Fire, Plague and Pestilence. If the ball is visualized with a cube overlay, there's six crosses, one on each face. (Like most images on this site, these are thumbnails -- click to "zoom.")

Beginning with the 45° - 90° - x-y-zform some call the "8-complex," two auxilliary threads are added on each axis -- in the example, these additional threads are silver. The first pair have been added here.


The second pair of auxilliary threads has been added.


All three pairs of auxilliary threads added; starting the first cross.


Some crosses are complete; the one facing the camera is almost finished. On the right, the original example of this type of ball -- its crosses are not monochrome, but a different color for each axis.

More temari at this site: a visit to Temari Town Matsumoto, in the Japanese Alps.

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