The Wunderland Long Hair Index

Judging from the server statistics, one of the main things drawing people to is the Shrine of Long Hair Worship at the center of my brain. Therefore, in order to help satisfy the long-hair-obsessions behind all this net traffic, I have created this index page.

Photos of fabulous long haired babes are found at in two primary locations: Gina and Her Sister and Andrew Looney's Image Wall. All of these photos were taken by me, and are updated every now and then, whenever I shoot new photos that I'm happy enough with to put up here.

However, since both of these electronic coffee table books feature lots of images that aren't hair-oriented, this index includes only the really great hair photos.


Gift Ideas for Long Hair Fans:

Long Hair Compliment Cards

You can use these cards to compliment long haired people on their gorgeous tresses!

Londa Tarot

This tarot deck is filled with great looking long hair!


In this beautiful sixties-styled card game, the player with the longest hair always goes first! (It even says so in the rules!)

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