World War 5

A 3HOUSE game by Andrew Looney

World War 5 is a fast and easy World Conquest game played using 3 Treehouse sets and 6 regular dice on a special mini-gameboard.

The World War 5 gameboard features a simplified world map with territory sizes and international connections carefully balanced so as to make each continent equally matched for combat with each other continent.

The game was initially released in two formats:

  • Paper: As the Looney Labs Holiday Gift of 2008, a tri-fold paper version of this gameboard (with rules for the game on the back) was mailed out free to over 8000 registered fans of Looney Labs.
  • Deluxe: A sturdy, real gameboard-style version of the WW5 board was released as a new product at the same time, also with rules included, on the back of the sell-sheet shrink-wrapped onto the back.

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