Here's an ad concept we were kicking around back in '91...

100,000 YEARS AGO, ON MARS...

... A game like no other was created.

Before the canals dried up, when Mars was warmer and life could still survive there, an ancient civilization thrived and prospered. The Martians built beautiful cities of crystal and stone, blending Art and Science together with splendid harmony. They lived peaceful, happy lives... and they played a game of skill and strategy unlike any other in the galaxy.

Today, their civilization is gone.

But their game remains.

We call it Icehouse.

Unlike the board games of Earth, Icehouse is not a round-robin style game. Whenever players wish to make a move, they may do so. Also, placement of the playing pieces is not constricted by checkerboards or other strict patterns. Pieces can be placed at any point within the playing area.



Coming someday to fine game stores everywhere.

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