Gallery of Tirade-inspired Artwork

Lee Moyer

Lee Moyer was the first to capture Tirade's image in the arts. He was also the first person we heard of making custom Magic cards. In the early days of the Magic revolution, we gave him a Beta Jade Statue card, and he turned it into a Jade Statue of Tirade for us. He's also a true master of the art of carving pumpkins.

Andrew Looney

Andy started drawing cartoon versions of Tirade to use around the web site and then made him the main character of his quirky, glacially-paced cartoon strip, Iceland.

Kristin Looney

Kristin made Tirade the subject of one of Jake's cube sculptures.

Then one day, Kristin (who has never thought of herself as a person who can draw, and never really even tried - she designed the pattern above by digitally screwing around with the photo on the All About Tirade page) watched closely as Andy worked on a drawing and learned some of his secrets. The next day, she wrote the following, and drew this picture of Tirade:

"I have always hated the pencil. They smudge. Why not just use a pen? Pens are so much better than pencils. Today, I discovered the eraser, and I now know what I have been missing these 32 years about the pencil. So I picked up a pencil ,with my eyes open for the first time, and asked myself the question: Can Kristin learn how to draw?" (3-20-98)

Arthur Adamson

Arthur made this little sculpy Tirade to sit on top of Kristin's computer monitor.

Amanda Vargas

Ellen and Keith arranged for Amanda to make us this amazing set of Tirade action figures for all seasons.


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