Megaera and Tom: Stump JumpersPEDANTICS is a percussive dance ensemble specializing in Appalachian Clogging and Flatfooting, and step dancing from many cultures. Our members come from Maryland and Virginia, and perform throughout the region. 

Founded in 1984 by Tom Hinds and Megaera Kuny as the Stump Jumpers, the group began expanding their repertoire to include other styles of percussive dance, such as English and Vaudeville clogging, French Canadian and Irish step dancing, and Tap. The name PedAntics was adopted in 1994 to reflect the wider range of percussive styles.

PedAntics offers exciting solo, duo and group numbers, from traditional steps and dances passed on through many generations, to new and innovative choreographies by Megaera Kuny and others.

Members include:
Megaera Kuny
Tom Hinds
Ted Hodapp
Alan Leader

Laura Robertson
Renée Camus

Scroll down for more information and bios.


Upcoming Performances:
Event Location Date and Time More Information
St. Patrick's Day Festival and Dinner Lovettsville Community Center, VA March 16, 2004
6 - 7:30 pm

Chestertown Tea Party Chestertown, MD May 29, 2004
Waterford Crafts Festival Waterford, VA October 2, 2004
St. John's Flea Market North Baltimore, MD TBD


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Member Bios:

MegaeraMegaera Kuny is a co-founder as well as the chief choreographer of PedAntics, and has taught many workshops in clogging and step dancing. Her proudest and most recent accomplishment is the birth of her son Isak.

Tom Hinds has been dancing since 1979, and calling squares and contras since 1984. He is the author of a series of American dance books, including Dance All Night. He also plays piano in the contra dance bands, Pas de Quoi. His step dance repertoire includes English clog, tap, and French Canadian/Cape Breton as well as Appalachian clogging. The member with the longest commute, he lives in Charlottesville, VA. His current interests and activities include caller development and workshops in the Charlottesville area and in DC.
     He is earning his living now as a full-time caller, musician, dancer and teacher. He also leads rock climbing expeditions in the Appalachians/Blue Ridge.

Alan Leader
has been an avid clogger and social dancer for many years, joining PedAntics in 1988. He has given workshops in clogging and earned a ribbon at the renowned Clifftop clogging contest in 1993. Additionally, he sings, and plays guitar, fiddle, and banjo. In his spare time he is a carpenter and remodeller.

Laura Robertson has been dancing since 1977, in a wide variety of social and performance dance, including (but not limited to) Contras, English Country, Ballroom, Morris, Rapper, Longsword, English, Irish, Scottish, and French Canadian step-dancing, and Appalachian clogging (since 1986). She has been on staff at CDSS Buffalo Gap Dance Week, Mendocino, and Augusta Heritage Center and the Philadelphia Heritage Festival (amongst others) as a step dance and clogging instructor. She has toured as a member of "Footworks," a professional Clogging company, throughout England, Scotland, and Wales, including performing for several weeks in the London version of "Riverdance" in 1996.
     Laura has been a member of PedAntics since 1997, and currently also dances with a Maryland morris team.  She performs with and runs an English step dance team and a rapper team, both out of Baltimore. By day, she is an Interventional Radiologist and Chairman of Imaging at Bon Secours Hospital.

tedTed Hodapp has been dancing New England Contras, traditional and country dances from England, as well as Scandinavian turning dances for nearly 25 years.  He has been teaching dance for nearly all of that time.  He founded and lead rapper-sword and English longsword groups and is a dancer and musician with the Minnesota Traditional Morris Dancers and PedAntics.  Ted is the former artistic director of the Woven Ring English Country dancers, and regularly teaches English Country Dance, Contras, Clogging, Scandinavian couple dances, and traditional dance forms from England both locally and in more than twenty states throughout the country and Denmark.  He is a co-author of several books of original contra dances and is currently pursuing new dance interests in Swing, Argentine Tango, Cajun/Zydeco and Appalachian Clogging.  When he is not dancing (when would that be?), he is usually working as Professor and Chair of the Physics Department at Hamline University teaching, amongst other things, the concepts of angular momentum from a more theoretical perspective.  Since August 2002 he has been working for the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C. as a Program Officer and desperately trying to avoid wearing a tie.


Renée Camus is a dancer, performer, choreographer and researcher concentrating on Percussive dance forms as well as historical dance. She also maintains this site and her own web pages, upon which you can read much more about her.

For information on hiring PedAntics, please call Alan at 301-371-8046, or email any of the above links.

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Past Performances:

PedAntics has 3 gigs that we participate in every year. Two are in October, one week apart, and the other is in May, on Memorial Day weekend:

Waterford Crafts Festival - a crafts exhibit in Waterford Virginia, annually held on the first weekend of October. Among the many tents featuring beautiful and well constructed crafts, are musicians and dancers to entertain. It is a wonderful celebration of homemade arts and crafts. There are camps set up by Civil War and Revolutionary War re-enactors. There is also plenty of wonderful food, including pulled Barbecue sandwiches, red beans and rice, and of course popcorn and funnel cake.

St. John's Flea Market is a large, community flea market held annually on the second weekend in October. The Satyr Hill band offers entertainment in the form of old time bluegrass music. PedAntics joins Satyr Hill for four short shows throughout the day, to entertain the shoppers.

Chestertown Tea Party is an annual celebration of the history of Chestertown, Maryland, and the Tea Party (yes, like the famous one held in Boston), held there on May 23, 1774. This protest against British rule and the tax they had placed on tea is reenacted every year at this wonderful festival. There are many crafts and toys to purchase, and lots of wonderful food. There are story tellers, musicians, and dancers scheduled throughout the day to entertain and educate.

PedAntics took part in the 11th Annual Frederick DanceFest Celebrating Dance in Frederick County, sponsored by the Frederick Arts Council. The event took place at the Weinberg Center for the Arts inFrederick, MD on May 4, 2002. Proceeds from the concert were contributed to the Frederick Arts Council's dance scholarship program.

We also danced at the W.O.W. (Western Loudon Outstanding Weekend) Arts Festival at Franklin Park, in Purcellville, VA, on May 19, 2002. We danced on the Outdoor Stage at 2 pm to an enthusiastic audience, and lovely weather.

We travelled to Denmark in 2000, where we were a part of the Square Dance Partners Festival in Kalding. We performed at several venues around Denmark, and Tom called a few square dances, and we even got to do some site-seeing. It was great fun and hugely successful. Many thanks to our wonderful hosts: Anita, Mogens, and Vagn.


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