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...about some of the places I mention frequently

work / the base / Moffett Field
My job's at the NASA Ames Research Center, located at historic Moffett Field, which is between San Francisco and San Jose, adjacent to the towns of Mountain View and Sunnyvale. This entry footnote has links to a picture and more info
El Camino (Real)
"The royal road" which connected the California missions. I live close by and give a few more details here
Sushi House
Cheap sushi place in Palo Alto (You pay first, and they bring you what you ordered, like at good Mexican restaurants.) more
Tung Kee Noodle
Chinese-Vietnamese noodle chain - New Tung Kee is a similar spinoff chain
the Fuckin' Noodle
Pho Xe Lua - Vietnamese soup and noodle restaurant chain - more details here
NoCal coffee chain way better than Starbucks. The one I'm at (sometimes daily) is in Los Altos. Occasionally I go to their other nearby branch in Palo Alto, near the Sushi House. Although they're a NoCal tradition since 1966, recently they've expanded south - I've been to the new one in Manhattan Beach (prices lower down there)
Trader Joes
A food and beverage store once peculiar to SoCal - this entry has an appreciation
Yaohan and Ranch 99
Japanese and Chinese supermarket chains
West Coast "big-box" electronics chain. Their reputation is legendary
Amoeba, Tower
record stores I frequent. The former is only in the City and Berkeley; but there's a branch of the latter in my neighborhood
the City
San Francisco the Bridge the Golden Gate
Mountain View
one of the older communities in the Valley of Heart's Delight. I live there, real close to the borders of neighboring Los Altos and Palo Alto
the Valley of Heart's Delight
Archaic name for Silicon Valley
DC, "Inside the Beltway", "home"
I am from Washington, a D.C. native; friends and family still live back there
College Park
(Maryland) - where my brother N lives with his wife Q; my parents live nearby. Kendall called the intersection of Knox Road and Route 1 "the Great Magnet"
Nags Head, the Outer Banks
...of North Carolina, where P, L, V and her sister live; also known for the Lost Colony, Wright Bros, Cape Hatteras & etc
the Island
T's summer place in Ontario - I visited in 1975, 1980 and 1995 - it's actually two small adjacent islands
Northern California (They think they're better - I think not)
The Los Angeles basin. (Personally I consider Orange County to be part of "LA")
Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach
Throw in Redondo Beach and that section of Torrance known as the "Hollywood Riviera" you've got the "South Bay" of Los Angeles (County). I lived in Hermosa Beach for four years

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