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small orange square Follow-up visit with the podiatrist this morning. He says he can also deal with my big toe nails, too - both are slightly ingrown at their outboard corners, the left much worse (I think because that foot's slightly larger than the right). The procedure seems extreme to me, so I'm balking for the time being: he'd remove a longitudinal strip along that side of the toenail, all the way to the end; and at that point he'd "kill the root" so the nail wouldn't grow out as wide. Not sure how he'd "kill the root" (perhaps with the application of a tiny droplet of something especially vile) but that really sounds kinda severe, don't you think?

small green square At work the deadline has now been set for this weekend. My stuff is working and ready to go, but now it's being scrutinized: the requisite review. One iteration of furious re-do this afternoon; I expect another tomorrow before the final merge.

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small yellow square Mike Nesmith is in the news - something about winning a lawsuit. The blurbs contained this factoid: his mother invented "Liquid Paper" correction fluid. I have a few introductory questions I ask people, if I want a quick personality reading. Things like "paper or plastic?" For example, "Marx Bros or Three Stooges?" is a good one. Another is "Who's your favorite Monkee?" Nesmith answerers win, because he was our favorite - we even wore knit caps just like his, with pom-poms I made affixed to the crown (learning how was an early skill acquired via this catalyst). "We" in this case were my close friends in Boy Scouts at the time, fellow members of the "Ranger" patrol <1> who dropped everything to watch episodes of "Star Trek", a series also new in the time of the Monkees.

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<1> See this entry for more about the Rangers.