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small gray square Why do they tell news differently these days? Used to be those rules from school - state Who, What, Where, How and When in the first sentence or at best paragraph. Nowadays, the delivery's infotainment - the teaser headline is followed by the lengthy description of somebody involved in the story. THEN, finally we hear or read what the headline promised to detail. I'm often impatient, the old way seems better - more efficient.

small red square "Groundhog Day" - loved the film, but its depiction of the "official" fuss made this day in Punxatawney, Pennsylvania was irritating. Who designated them the keepers of the official groundhog? My personal interpretation is that a groundhog near you is the one that matters, who can he see his shadow, that's what's gonna determine the next six weeks, not some animal up in Wherever, Pennsylvania. And what's with the big human yankin' 'im out of his cage? How's the old rodent supposed to keep his mind on this shadow business with all that commotion?

small green square Up in Northern California... I've noticed that there's a lot of moss growing around here. Any undisturbed ground-level spot which gets no direct sunlight has some green tint. Often, cracks and pits in the pavement contain little inverted mossy worlds. Moss reminds me of the infinite shades of green available on T's island in the summertime.

small white square Memory of a happy time. My parents were out somewhere this evening, and my older brother H was now deemed old and responsible enough to supervise his younger brothers in our parents' absence, instead of a sitter. Our entertainment alternated between watching the obscure World War II shenanigans of "The Canterville Ghost" on television while assembling a large picture puzzle of a foresty pond. The movie was in that same "Combat" milieu of a lot of our television; I spent more time in the other room with the puzzle.

small blue square Feeling very strong urge to acquire another animal. Although I do not want the responsibility and limits cat ownership imposes, just acknowledging this idea may make my resolve dissolve should a stray or available kitten appear. There's also that tarantula fantasy.

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