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small white square As I write, settin' in the chair by the window; the full moon shines upon me, through the slates of the Venetian blinds. The new "Places" page is up, a reference for those venues mentioned frequently in these entries.

small violet square Thinking About the Matrix
Things were so simple and elegant with the web; now they've become complex, commercial and sinister. Reading about XML, I feel like I've had enough of cyberspace, like I have to withdraw from it to some degree, for sanity's sake. My decision to make this site exactly one year (1998 - my journal year) is related to these feelings. Pleasant nostalgia of those early days before animated GIFs and CGI... trying to recall the web-sites that mattered early on, and how they've changed. An example might be ("Citizen: The Computer is Your Friend") - it was a good source of all kinds of (potentially subversive) information I and we hadn't had such immediate access to before - it's gone, now.

small gray square A few more hours spent at work, big problem almost completely resolved; then off to Palo Alto for the Stanford theater double feature of "Casablanca" with "Notorious". Seen the former many but never the latter so that was this weekend's film. Rio and the cast were all beautiful.

CGI - Computer Gateway Interface
GIF - (CompuServe) Graphic Interchange Format
XML - Extensible Markup Language
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