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small red square Schedule adjustments due to bad weather in the Bay Area (fog) meant my direct flight was aborted - just before they opened the hatch the announcement was made that rather than stay aboard, this flight's San Francisco passengers would have to change to a plane on the other side of the terminal. Possible panic! But since there was time I hunkered down for a while in a bathroom stall, and when I emerged the monitors said my flight would leave from its original gate, but am hour later. And then, over an hour. I walked to the terminal's opposite end anyway, to try the 'que at "Dickey's Barbecue Pit". DFW was not as crowded, but the PA voices are even more grating, louder and more distorted. Finally, the plane was packed full of semi-pissed-off people, and we eventually landed, two hours late. (later I heard that these delays, which affected many holiday travelers, weren't caused just by fog but because the ILS at SFO went out.) Riding home in the shuttle, our driver ("Lorenzo") turned out to the non-committal type who stimulates a brief camaraderie among the passengers, discussing our precise destinations and giving him lots of directions and our sequence of droppings off (the more with-it driver figuring that stuff out by himself).

small green square Talking with G this morning, before I came in to work, he suggested I go in for the leftover holiday treats people would leave in the breakroom. He posited his theory that someone will eventually eat anything left in there - even little pellets of doggie doo, if they were on toothpicks. I wondered if small, ornate pieces of scrap metal might work too.

small purple square Glad I'm back in California: it's cold here, but not that cold. Takes a while to relearn driving my Toyota; so quiet, and with controls so easily responsive, compared to the old Volkswagen bug. <1> On my way in to work a Yellow cab passed me - and it was really yellow! A mildly disturbing manifestation of DC unreality is the ubiquitous cars of the "Yellow" taxicab company, which paints their fleet orange - and it's not an ambiguous shade, either. <2> At least they're not visually offensive, like the loathsome "Diamond" cabs - it would be difficult to choose a color scheme uglier than their chosen livery (just what is that predominant color's name - "dusty brass"? "sickly turd"? They're trimmed with red and black). The best visually are the pleasing purple "Capitol" cabs, but they're kinda rare.

DC - Washington, DC
DFW - Dallas-Fort Worth International
ILS - Instrument Landing System
SFO - San Francisco International
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<1> My Dad's blue beetle is in great shape now, but even so you forget how LOUD that engine can be at top speed. It's not that I've gone over to the Dark Side, rather, I've joined the Soft Side. If the Toyota's gas peddle went south, I certainly couldn't repair it in total darkness, by feel, like I did last week.

<2> Sudden remembrance of Mr. T wielding that yellow cab door in the ads for the movie "D.C. Cab" and I wonder if that's possibly some peripheral reason they painted the yellow cabs orange?
(I've never seen that film.)