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small gray square I'm writing this on D & G's Acer computer in the gray morning light of Old Town Alexandria, down by the park where the Beltway's Wilson Bridge looms up overhead. Feeling slightly under the weather; I have a cold but it's not too bad, mostly congestion and that sneezy feeling - no pain (like sore throat) or coughing. Unlike the night before, which was one of those dreadful, restless, dark horizontal intervals where I never actually fell asleep (this was the last night at my parents') I slept fine here and awoke refreshed. I'm about to view the "Teletubbies" for the first time.

small green square That was weird. Today's themes included counting to four, rolling down small hills sideways (Jack & Jill), and bunny rabbits. If pressed to choose a favorite, I'd go with the yellow "La-La". I can see how infants might find it amusing, but those mechanical elements are kinda creepy - scary in their alienness. I'm vaguely reminded of the "Banana Splits" show. Let's see, what else to say about yesterday...

Shortly after dawn I joined my parents for their usual weekend breakfast at "Denny's", where they always get Senior Omeletes (made with eggbeaters®) and I have a French Slam ("all bacon"). I certainly don't mind this experience, in fact I enjoyed perusing their new menu which emphasizes "Denny's"' Fabulous Fifties heritage (because after all they are one of the original googie chains). I was thinking of accompanying my parents to church afterwards, but my cold and lack of sleep had me feeling less than optimal so I begged off & went back to bed, after having some more Alka-Seltzer Cold Plus. Later I hung around the house with my parents, doing what they do in the afternoon: talking occasionally while reading today's paper or whatever's lying around. (And at their house there's a LOT of stuff lying around.) Finally I gave the signal and my Dad drove me back to the Metro station by my old middle school and the bowling alley (closed, with a "For Lease" sign).

small white square Rode Metro from the top of the Beltway to the bottom, changing trains three times (we love the Yellow Line's bridge over the Potomac!) and then G & D picked me up at King Street Station. After we exchanged some small gifts (and they gave me my first "grape" tomato) I did my European photo presentation, during which D found special delight with my statement that "Slovenia was weird, but not too weird. "We none of us had much energy (since they're just back from their annual holiday/family week in Utah, the day before) so we just ate <1> at a nifty restaurant called "Stardust", with background sounds by the Fifth Dimension); and then had a fast tour of G's office in an adjacent office building - nice. A small website company; contemporary environment featuring a "chill room" with Lava Lites.

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<1> Or tried to - weirdly, I had no appetite, so they forced me to eat those grilled shrimps: "Feed a cold, Rasch."