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small orange square My aloof downstairs neighbors have quietly slipped away. Yesterday evening I saw them leaving with a large mattress set in the back of their huge like-new pickup truck; today the pair of ugly chairs (which never quite made it inside their apartment) disappeared, confirming the obvious conclusion, that they're moving out. Oh well, no loss - my attempts at hospitality were ignored, and their stereo was getting loud, though incidents were short, and not at unreasonable times. What will their replacement be like?

small green square Gruff voice heard on the radio, among people interviewed who were waiting in line to visit the White House:

"They oughta impeach the hell out of 'im."

small violet square Since it was Saturday afternoon, I thought of this song:

She said murder she said that's what she said
She said murder she said that's what she said
Murder murder murder murder that's what she said
A women sings this goofy lyric, the song must've been a big hit at some point - I always used to catch it on that show I listened to on KPCC, "The Swingin' Years" - haven't heard it since I moved away from Los Angeles.

small blue square I was at the "Park" this afternoon - it's the more pleasant cinema along el Camino in Menlo Park, although both are nice. I've been to its companion (the "Guild") several times, but this was my first "Park" experience. It's conceivable that its tubular shape means the building's really a Quonset hut. I saw the "Celebration", this new film from Denmark. It reminded me of Altman's "A Wedding", although not near as funny and involving, but I did like Helmuth, the token German; plus the general alien Danishness. For example, they sang their traditional birthday song, but it was something rather complicated, not "Happy Birthday To You".

  • "Shakespeare In Love" - could be good
  • "Central Station" (from Brazil - this is the one I saw yesterday - could be major)
  • "Gods & Monsters" - glad I saw this trailer, now I don't have to see the film
  • "Waking Ned Devine" - looks charming
Afterwards, a period of exuberance at & after "Trader Joes", caused in part just by the very proximity to this wonderfully elegant woman in line ahead of me, speaking French over my shoulder to her companion. It's hard to describe; but after paying and walking outside I just felt very fortunate to be where and who I was, lucky, grateful, and happy! I'm in manic mode, and the pains I was complaining about yesterday have all faded away.

KPCC - 89.3 FM, Pasadena Community College
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