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small gray square Feeling horrible in the morning; hungover? I only had two beers yesterday, spread apart such that I hardly even felt high from their alcohol; yet a harsh headache descended in the middle of the night, waking me up; and in addition I have this cold-sweaty feverish symptom. If everybody's hangovers matched my own, I doubt that there'd by many alcoholics.

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(A few hours later)
Unwellness seems to have faded: the Esgic tablet I took for the headache may have been all that was needed. That stuff's often a miracle cure for my bad headaches - hope I don't build up a tolerance.

small violet square Dinner at my uncle's was tasty. This is how my Filipino Aunt cooks sweet potatoes: first they're par-boiled (whatever that means), then sliced into fat disks, which are placed into a pan and broiled. The crowd was many older people, many distantly related people, a few I actually recalled from the August do. After eating, my Uncle and I retired to his rec room to shoot a couple games of pool, both of which I lost, pathetically. Their somewhat compact (but hey, it's in the City!) townhouse is in that "Parkside" district down in the SW quadrant of San Francisco.

small cyan square I just discovered and have been listening avidly to the other San Francisco public radio station, KALW. This morning I tuned in to hear two voices I haven't heard since I moved away from DC: the Computer Guys! (They're a monthly feature on WAMU). Two factoids gleaned from today's show:

  • Apple Computer is making money this year, their first non-red year since 1994
  • Interest in Unix appears to be growing, if you look at sales of O'Reilly books. I suspect I'll be operating a PC running Linux in the near future
This station also carries the Wisconsin-Jewish humor of Michael Feldman's "Whad'Ya Know". Except for the rare frequency-snag during a road trip, I haven't been able to receive this show at home since I left LA, yet here it's been all time - until now I ignorantly thought KQED (PBS radio and television [channel 9]) had no competition. I'm perusing their on-line schedule - hmmm, they play Harry Shearer's "Le Show"! I knew he had to have an outlet up here. Plus, in a token similarity to WAMU, a single hour of bluegrass per week.

DC - Washington (District of Columbia)
KALW - 91.7 FM "Information Radio"
KQED - 88.5 FM San Francisco
LA - Los Angeles
PBS - Public Broadcasting System
PC - Personal Computer
SW - south-west
WAMU - 88.5 FM American University
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