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small red square Small consumer victory today. I have a credit card with "nobody's favorite" bank, Wells Fargo, and last month's bill came while I was away. I mailed it in soonest, but that was already a day late. Yesterday this month's bill came, with a late fee of $29 (ouch!) I called them; getting through <1> took a long time, and at first there was no mention, even, of removing the charge! But after a lecture they did, "this one time only". The same thing happened with Macy's: they were positively cheerful about it, but their fine was only ten dollars.

small yellow square Y2K Spotlight

From yesterday's Post:
Christian broadcast minister Jerry Falwell, who believes the end is near, sees more than a technological glitch in the year 2000 computer problem. According to his latest videotape, Y2K could well be a sign from God.

"Y2K may be God's instrument to shake this nation, to humble this nation," the Lynchburg, Va.-based preacher proclaims.

Called up Ed at my old project (military logistics systems - so glad to be away from that mess). He told me about a co-worker (with a different company) This person was asked for his Y2K test plan and he quit, on the spot! Then our company hired him, to work on the same task.

small green square He also told me he was no longer working for -- let's call him the King of Shmooze, who has (finally!) left the company. I loathed the King, had even worked for him myself, in fact agreeing to do so after knowing better. The worst was him as companion <2> during my one international business trip, to Germany two years ago. He got another job, and was rather annoyed that he didn't get a luncheon! Only the new person signed up for it, so the event was cancelled.

small purple square The radio says that the power is out on the Bay Bridge - its only illumination, emergency lights up on the towers. I'd kinda like to be there right now, to see what that's like. Imagine the lower deck, driving out through the darkness - well, rush hour, there would be taillights.

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<1> I realized today: They don't really want you to stay on the line, that's why they make it so unpleasant. Oh, they give you music, but they ruin the listening by interrupting every minute with the request that you stay on the line. In reality, the less of us who choose to stay on the line, the better.

<2> fortunately there were two others, older, who'd actually "served" for years there.