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small yellow square Observed in a Usenet post:

"Mass media thrives by humorizing hypocrisy"

small orange square We have four visitors ("suits") from back east hanging around the office today and tomorrow, many of them described before. Since they're on Eastern Time they all went off to the cafeteria early, and to avoid them I was forced to seek lunch-time nourishment off-base. Therefore I caught almost an hour of Ken Starr's testimony, on the radio while driving (down to the New Tung Kee in Santa Clara). What an incredible prick he is - have you heard him speak? I can't understand why nobody's hurled Molotov cocktails through the windows of his house <1> in McLean (a suburban location in the most desirable area of Fairfax County, across the Potomac from Washington DC). His pure, guiltless "butter-can't-melt-in-my-mouth" speaking style is such an invitation for severe beatings! If you think he's a "good guy", read this. Still not convinced? Try here.

small blue square We finally have some connectivity in our new office - the Sun workstations are now on-line, but the Compaq computers running Windows are still isolated - and they're the platform I prefer for my web-browsing. In the office plan I put my desk right by and facing the door, which has a huge window but we've had to block the door open anyway, since they haven't turned on the ventilation system yet (which means our small room heats up when our hardware is activated, even though it's cold outside). This setup means it's easy to get into conversations with people passing by in the hallway, a situation I don't mind, in fact hoped to encourage by this furniture placement. (A surprising statement to those who consider me anti-social.) Over the past week my relations have deepened with a key figure on the project (who's buying a new car) - previously we had very little to say to each other. So the move's showing some positive change. Very sad losing the window view, however - not that I'm much for idle staring, but I like being in touch with conditions in the outside world - now it's always a shock when I leave: sky color, how dark, meteorological conditions, etc.

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small red square The Swiss Miss was in some kind of altercation with her motorcycle - she says she's okay, but the bike's broken.

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<1>allegedly at 6455 Madison Court