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small white square A word on contemporary European cars and fashion:

On my last visit, I was quite taken by the Renault "Twingo", a boxy micro-van one doesn't see in the States, since Renault pulled out of our market what - fifteen years ago? (Remember their "Le Car"?) Many strange models are available overseas which aren't seen here, perhaps for that same reason (like the machines produced by Opel) or because they're in violation of our safety regulations. Mercedes now makes their own micro-van, and it's very unusual-looking in contrast to their regular line. But the compact cars which really caught me eye this time were the Ford KA and the new Opel Corsa - the former because it's so radical, the latter since it's so rational. The ultimate squid is this micro called the Smart City Coupé, produced by a joint venture between Daimler-Benz and the "Swatch" company. An incredibly stylish auto, if price is no object, is the new Audi "TT" - one was on display at the Düsseldorf aerodrome. The fashion with European women? Those shoes with the two-inch soles are very popular now.

small orange square I've been making a mix tape, kind of a "desert island" selection. In this case, what does a psychoanalysis by "favorite song" reveal?
With A Girl Like You
the Troggs
Doncha Bother Me
Don't Bring Me Down
the Animals
Are You Experienced?
Tommy Overture
The Who
Wasn't Born to Follow
the Byrds
I Got A Feeling
the Beatles
Shake Some Action
Flamin' Groovies
Whiz Kid
Mott the Hoople
Space Oddity
David Bowie
International Feel
Todd Rundgren
Dead Finks Don't Talk
Brian Eno
The End of the Line
Roxy Music
    God Save The Queen
    Sex Pistols
    Final Solution
    Pere Ubu
    The 15th
    German Film Star
    the Passions
    Missing Persons
    Space-Age Love Song
    A Flock Of Seagulls
    I'll Be You
    the Replacements <1>
    The Primitives
    Nothing to Hold Me
    Jesus Jones
    One Dove
    the Cranberries
    La Di Da
    the Murmurs
The unrealistic guideline was one song from each year, recorded chronologically, with a tendency towards the conventionally "heavy". I used one of my mid-80's TDK machined-aluminum cassettes, loaded with new Sony tape. Like so many of these projects, now that it's completed I'll rarely (if ever) listen to the finished product again. But the tape's there if I need it.

small purple square Saw the movie "Pleasantville". What was that all about? A clever idea (to someone who watches way to much television) stretched into a too-long movie, with a nebulous New-Agey moral and a plot-line ad-libbed as they went along? The film did have some good images, and lots of nice 1950s-isms, but it left me strangely irritated. Great to see J. T. Walsh one last time, though. Preview: "A Bug's Life". Um... didn't this just come out?

TDK - Tokyo Denkikagaku Kogyo
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<1> from "Don't Tell A Soul"