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small red square In another phone call with B, she wondered about any possibilities of email interception or unauthorized browser usage. "How paranoid should I be?" Now there's a question. You do hear about increased monitoring of employee behavior, so maybe someone is spot-checking emails or messages are being screened and those with certain keywords are cc'd to management. I told her of the horror story I read about: someone walking into the boss's office and noticing everybody's email scrolling out on his printer.

small purple square Met the new doctor today, at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation; seemed a reasonable enough fellow. Says my headaches are from sitting wrong, in a posture out of alignment. His diagnosis for my recent, persistent shoulder pain was a pulled muscle. He also connected the subtle yet persistent rash I've suffered with since adolescence is related to more recent asthma struggles - it's 'cause I'm just a sensitive guy.

small yellow square Encountered my pinhead of a resident manager. Before I left I advised him of plumbing difficulties; he apologized for waited until after I got back to deal with them, starting tomorrow, he requested, and I dumbly agreed, although tomorrow is a holiday, not for me but for everybody else. And I don't have a key to the new building at work, so I may as well not go in. Of course he may forget all about it by tomorrow.

small orange square If I have to go on a job interview, this is ultimately my only real question:

"Where will I have to sit"

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