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small yellow square Flights in went fine, I even managed a few winks of sleep - that tablet of Mellatonin is a good idea, along with my eyeshade and earplugs - why has it taken me forty years to try earplugs?

small white square I'm in a Frankfurt cybercafé - the shared furniture & close quarters makes it it feel kind of like a school computer lab to me - this my first-ever cyber-public appearance. Heavily rhythmed musik is thumping in the distance, and I can just see the black lights in the ceiling of the "Inter 'n' active" bar from here - I'm in its back room on the top floor of an oddly vertical downtown mall called die "Zeilgalerie". Stretching alongside of me are glass walls lined with a translucent blue plastic. But the environmental detail demanding my close attention is this weird German keyboard it'll take some getting used to - umlauted "Ö", "Ä" and "Ü" keys take up space over in the upper right, the order of the shift characters is all messed up, and most distressing: the "Y" and the "Z" keys have been switched! So understand that when I write "frenyz" I mean frenzy!

small green square I could transcribe some details from the my several days of written journal notes here, but the rental time is dear, so this will be a short entry, almost a test. Tomorrow, when the store re-open, I'll be looking for a replacement; the little notebook fell into the toilet yesterday, and I tore off the cover so its days are numbered.

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