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small orange square At work I gave a co-worker big satisfaction by teaching her the rudiments of introductory HTML - makes me think I should "mentor" more. (My student was the woman I regrettably described so negatively when she was first installed in our office - now we get along very well.)

small white square Found the Monorail Society's fascinating site today while web-searching on the Schwebebahn (I'll need a link for that when I write an entry from a German cybercafe after next week) and I finally found even a little information about the Safege Monorail. It was a test track built at Chateauneuf, south of Paris, in 1958 - this was the one seen in Fahrenheit 451. Near the film's beginning, after the first book-burning, aboard that train Montag is confronted by

"I live near block 813 isn't that where you live?"

HTML - HyperText Markup Language
Schwebebahn - suspended railway
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