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small red square Tonight I walked down to Sunnyvale to eat at a Japanese buffet restaurant there ("Tomisono"). Not bad, but like all those places I ate too much - that's why I hate them, they encourage gluttony. However, I had a 20% off coupon, and wanted to take a walk (still breaking in these new hiking boots). Then I rode the bus back, sitting for a couple miles among that most disenfranchised group of Californians - the carless.

small yellow square More delays with the work move. Now it seems I'll box up my stuff and all will be moved in my absence - I'll return from Europe to who knows what situation. Another guy in a neighboring trailer just came back from a multi-week vacation; I may share his experience: He'd packed up all his gear and left. Had we followed the original schedule we'd be all moved in by now, but alas he's now extracting what he needs from his boxes, unmoved. We've been granted a one-month extension in our village of trailers; I can't understand why, the other building seems ready (I walked through it this morning). I may lose some points by being absent during the move, as I'm technically responsible for system administration of our own office LAN (a very stable setup of a handful of PCs, a printer and a modem connection). They may be forced to send a real admin-type out from New Jersey to do the honors, but my feeling is this headache'll lay dormant until my return. The major problem is structural: without me there to insist, the cubical partitions may not get assembled according to the currently-agreed-upon but possibly awkward plan which gives me maximum privacy. Well we'll see.

small blue square Health Complaints:

  • When I yawn and my mouth opens to its widest I'm hearing a bone-crunch sound up at the pivot-point of my right jaw.
  • One of my plantar warts feels like it's coming back (ball of my left foot). <1>
  • This nagging ache of a sore left shoulder just won't quit, even though I've omitted almost all upper body exercises during workouts for over a week now.
Since there was no overt injury, the last one definitely has me convinced I'm not long for this world - it's a rare form of shoulder cancer.

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small cyan square Some music from "Ikiru" is really bothering me - it's a simple old march that's quite familiar, but I can't figure out from where - and I can't get it out of my head! An old cartoon, perhaps? What is it?? If you're familiar with the movie, it's what was playing in that restaurant just before they all started singing "Happy Birthday To You".

LAN - Local Area Network
PC - Personal Computer
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<1>I had four of them removed in March.