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small yellow square I've been having insect dreams. One that seems recurrent involves finding a wasp inside the car - but he's an older, feeble wasp who is just crawling around instead of flying and buzzing up against the windows. Trouble is I find him where I'm about to put my hand - shriek! Another time I leapt out of the car at a stoplight, since a wasp was suddenly up against my door's window - once outside I cranked the window down, and it flew out - then followed me when I hopped back into the driver's seat! The worst is when I detect motion inside my personal space, and whirl around to find the wasp hovering just behind my head. What does it all mean? I write this early in the morning after waking up from just such a dream - I may be mixing in past memories of real encounters. I know one of those occurred recently at a restaurant - I found a wasp sluggishly crawling on my shirt's cuff. Reflexively, spasmodically I brushed it away, and was then alarmed when I didn't see where it wound up. Fortunately we didn't meet again.

small gray square Sold a box of unwanted books today, at the big used-book operation in downtown Mountain View, "Book Buyers". Actually only "sold" a few - they gave me five bucks, and $40 credit - but that's okay, I'm in there all the time, and they have lots of selection and turnover. Curiously, among those which they rejected were several I wanted to let go only tentatively, and some of the ones they did take surprised me.

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