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small gray square I can't write with much enthusiasm tonight - feeling melancholy. Z wonders if I'm stoked for my coming Euro-journey, but just now I feel nothing, except maybe pre-trip blahs (as opposed to the more common post-trip). Wish I was there already!

small yellow square Dental appointment this morning was a waste of time; the new crown has arrived, and very shiny and golden it was, but the thing didn't fit! Has to be redone. Of course now that they've fucked up a new one can be created in a week instead of the two they've already made me wait.

small blue square Although the big boss has returned to New Jersey the guy he brought along will remain until next week; if all goes well he'll get funding and be with us off and on for a month at a time through next year. That's okay, I like him now, he's only a little obnoxious (in that brainy A-student way) and very helpful to work with - just the sort of office-mate I need at this stage of my career. As it is now, I get minimal oversight and assistance, which is fine with my inner Wally who's content to just loaf all day net-surfing, but that's gotten stale and deep down I'd rather be more productive. They leave me alone on this project, and I'm not a self-starter - I really do need supervision with a hint of the lash to bring out my best work - and with that comes satisfaction.

small red square I spoke too soon yesterday about the new ground-floor neighbors - their stereo was blasting away when I got home today - but only for a little while. I would only identify the music as generic rock.

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