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small green square I was ecological today - didn't use the car (even after work) and I ate no meat. Forced the issue on the new bicycle wheels, however - popped not one but two spokes in that troublesome rear wheel on the way in, and I've run out of spares. I had hopes that the rear wheel had become stable, but I was only fooling myself. Now there'll be no more riding until after some serious sessions at the bike store. Which wheels to get? New gear cluster? These issues I've been avoiding must now be faced - fortunately, the cycle shop won't be clogged with the summer crowds now.

small blue square So I've read a bit of the Starr report, and I must agree with Tom Tomorrow - he points out that it would be illegal under the Communications Decency Act - smut on the Internet! Today's Suck proposes a solution to the national crisis:

The hypermediated individual [like Howard Stern or the jennicam] places himself at the center of attention, and thus, the center of power; he turns his enemies into viewers, and what is a viewer, ultimately, but a fan? Incidents and character traits that might have once brought him down simply make him interesting. Had Clinton chosen to broadcast his affairs all along, had he created and treated us to round-the-clock, unedited access to his affairs, we wouldn't be condemning him now - we'd be asking him to up the ante.
Charming illustration in the middle of their text, I might add. (Presidential coffee cup on the "Launch" button.) It made me laugh!

small purple square In an Associated Press story from Sept 17, Arlo said that "the Internet is the last bastion of real freedom. It's the world's biggest democracy."

small yellow square Phone call with G; he wondered if I'd watched the President's taped testimony via streaming video this morning. (He said "It's History!) So what - I couldn't imagine a television program less interesting or entertaining. Weird newspaper headline today:


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