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small orange square Bought new hiking boots today. Was considering traditionally styled Red Wings to replace these uncomfortable, cheap Gorillas I bought a while back, but the more radical design of the Salomon 7's was intriguing. Both were priced the same; since REI sent me a 10% off coupon (good only at their new Saratoga store - the closest branch) my judgement swayed towards the latter. Just returned from a breaking-in stroll to downtown Mountain View, for a #3 (rice stick soup with won-ton) at the Castro Street "Tung Kee Noodle".

small green square After the boot purchase I drove on into downtown San Jose for this weekend's movie, "Clockwatchers". Serio-humorous and required viewing for anybody who's ever been a temp or worked in an office environment. With a pleasant easy-listening score which may drive a lot of its viewers bananas. I liked it. Sad-but-true line of rumination by the main character: "Even if some people could break free, they'd have nowhere to go." The credits affirmed my suspicion that the exterior scenes were shot in downtown Pasadena. Good previews, for "Lolita" (which looks wonderful), "Happiness" (which looks great too - amusing <1>) plus two others which I saw last week. Post-film research with the IMDb revealed that the palm-reader was familiar because she was not only one of "The Truman Show"s bar waitresses, but also the waitress at "Johnie's" in "Miracle Mile".

small blue square Odd Oldie of the Day: "Sock It To Me, Baby!" by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. <2> Also listening to my tasty bootleg soundtrack CD of the film "Excalibur".

CD - Compact Disk
IMDb - Internet Movie Database
REI - Recreational Equipment Incorporated
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<1>but it sounds creepy, from what I've read

<2>Major hit from early Spring of 1967, now completely forgotten. Speaking of Mitch Ryder, I just learned his "Devil With A Blue Dress On" is nowhere in the soundtrack of the 1995 "Devil With A Blue Dress" film. (exasperated noise) So what was that all about? So what if it was set in the 40s!