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small red square Mild crisis at work - a side-effect of our move to a different building will be the loss of the one computer with "real" PhotoShop installed - only version 3, but the alternative I'll still have discrete access to only has Photoshop "Lite" - no layers! I thought I'd have some final time with it, like during this weekend; but now it seems it'll disappear tomorrow.

small orange square An agent from High Adventure got back to me today, and this is what he came up with (extremely tentative at this point, naturally) for $2400:

Routing                    [Airline]
San Francisco - Sydney     [Asiana]
Cairns - Kuala Lumpur      [Malaysia]
Bangkok - Delhi            [Indian]
Delhi - Karachi            [Malaysia]
Karachi - Cairo - Istanbul [Egypt Air]
Istanbul - Malta - Madrid  [Air Malta]
Madrid - Washington        [USAir]

small violet square Phone call with P on the Atlantic Coast. Got detail's of her husband L's upcoming surfing trip, learned about the fence he's built around their yard, and advised about delivery of the birthday present I've dispatched for my god-daughter V. Like Truman, L is going to Fiji - some secret surfing spot called Tavarua.

small cyan square Mountain View evening, on Castro Street. Rode over on my bicycle, and

  1. Bought bananas at the produce stand
  2. Had noodles with grilled chicken at the Vietnamese place
  3. Hung around in "Printer's Inc" reading the gloomy doom articles in the current "Esquire", plus the latest German magazines
  4. Bought a used Anne Tyler book (Earthly Possessions) at the used bookstore "BookBuyers" next door.
Often I've been told I'd like her novels; I heard this again today (from office-mates) so I'll give her a try. Only previous exposure has been to a book-on-tape of The Accidental Tourist which I couldn't finish.

small yellow square Also bought a new umbrella on the way home from work, a "Samsonite" (made in Thailand) to replace the cheesy made-in-China model that started falling apart immediately when I acquired it last year. Try to find a brolly not manufactured in China; I challenge you. Ideally I'd like one made in England, hah! Fat chance, nowadays. I got it at a luggage store; the "Eagle Creek" display of traveler's items there is quite interesting. They've cornered the market on stuff like money belts, it seems.

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