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small cyan square Health Status: Illness Approaching?

I've a scratchy in my throat and feeling a little sneezy. The past two mornings I've awoke with a sore throat which faded later. Some congestion and runny nose, and that low-level headache, centered at my medulla with some ear and behind-the-eyes pain, which seems like it's been continually present for weeks... always I fear this to be the tumor whose existence the neurologist doubts. I'm wondering if I've caught a germ from my co-worker/supervisor, gone these past three weeks but just returned from a holiday in France. He picked up something either en route or there - said that he was sick his first week abroad. Just as well I get it now, build up the immunity and be done with it.

small yellow square Today I rode my bike down to the station and loaded it onto the CalTrain, and rode into the City, for bicycle riding around downtown. First I saw South Park - not the dumb vulgar cartoon, but the real park, small and lozenge-shaped in the middle of San Francisco's "new media" district. (The small children playing there were actually Chinese.) Then I had lunch with T at Max's Diner near the Convention Center ("Moscone") where he usually works, usually weekends, and even today (Labor Day). Afterwards I rode up and down Market Street - saw an amazing yellow for-sale 1941 Cadillac on Castro (only $8000). Many fruitless visits to hotel gift shops - I'm seeking the perfect souvenir sweatshirt for the Swiss Miss - all I saw were either too bland or (most of them) too garish. Then I rode the train back, finishing The Man In The High Castle on the way. Its emphasis on the I Ching provoked a pause, while riding home, at the "East West Bookstore" on Mountain View's Castro to read more about this ancient method of the oracle. They also consulted the I Ching in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, another book from the early 60's - wonder why it's no longer popular?

small purple square After I got home I went driving again, down to the Valley Fair mall to buy V's birthday present, a light blue Roxy blouse - she loves their stuff. Felt weirdly commercial walking around with a "Nordstrom" shopping bag, but I must admit their in-house grand piano player is a classy touch which makes for a pleasant ambience. In the evening I finished watching "Night Of The Hunter" - now there's an odd one.

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