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small red square Bad headache all day. Foolishly neglected taking any painkillers until the evening.

small gray square Continued web-reading today about the "resistoleros" <1> - a morbid curiosity compels my research (continued from yesterday). I know very well the strong urge to latch on to any altered state possible, for whatever brief escape from misery it provides. The fumes they inhale suppress their hunger, generally bummed feelings and sensitivity to the cold of night, making their shortened life-spans tolerable. Plus they're despised by the local establishment and authorities - they consider them all desechables - disposables. And once the kids have adapted to the streets it's difficult to get 'em back into any structured life, like school attendance. In a perverse way I can see the attraction - remembering the totally fun mind-set of the playground at age twelve, combined with no teachers or parents, running wild in the streets with a gang - it's rather like Fagin's kids in Oliver Twist, or Pleasure Island in "Pinocchio". But still, what an awful, ghastly situation. I'm so lucky, so privileged! We all are, up here in el Norte.

small orange square Long distance chat today with Z concerning her upcoming trip here (turns out her on-line paramour lives just a couple miles from me) and D & G. D tells me about her 13-year-old nephew - although straight, he enjoys behaving in a manner which could be described as "gay". (An assessment one could make about me, at times.) A favored, humorous expression of his is "I've got a secret, and I can't live a lie" spoken with an affectation which D reproduced. G advises me of this new "watermark" GeoCities has added to their (and my) pages - he says it's horrible! My profound apologies. If it bothers you and you've got web-space to offer, wherein my anonymity could be preserved, please get in touch.

small yellow square Bought a new tire (I wanted a Continental but they only had a Specialized in my size), installed it on my front wheel, and then pedaled over to Tung Kee Noodle this evening, with the usual visits to the adjacent bookstores afterward.

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<1> The word itself is so peculiar - it's evocative of Freedom Fighters, of the Resistance - not what it really means at all Back