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small red square Feeling tentative, transitional - as if waiting for something, but nothing's on the schedule. For some reason those deja vu feelings dredge up that coldish night when I was new to Adams-Morgan in DC. From our place over on Biltmore Street I'd walked a couple blocks to this smallish restaurant in a townhouse, on the second floor, where they served me a fish full of bones which I ate while reading Christine by Steven King.

When I got back, U had returned from work and was parked tube-side in his Mission chair, with a six-pack, per his usual custom. This was in that serene time, pre-quava, pre-cat, pre-Boris.

small purple square Made a Temari ball this afternoon, while listening to big-band swing music. I learned this skill from a nisei in Torrance in 1990, after I'd seen them in the castle town of Matsumoto. This is the pattern I call "Olympic" - the one I made was almost all purple. Also repaired a flat bicycle tire, rear wheel - a thorn was the puncturing agent.

small violet square Acquired three new CDs today:

  1. "The Truman Show" - soundtrack
    (I've been getting by with the tape I made on N's system)
  2. "Robot Carnival" - anime soundtrack
  3. The Best of Popol Vuh (Herzog film soundtrack music)

anime - Japanese animation
nisei - second-generation Japanese emigrant
tubeside - in front of the television
DC - District of Columbia (Washington)
CD - Compact Disk
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