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small violet square Tonight I'm off to the City for dinner with my Uncles. Some may wonder about my previous characterization of one as Crazy. I'm a little apprehensive about this meeting with him, the first in I think almost twenty years, because of his reputation for "sponging" off his relatives. As far as I know the man hasn't had a real job in thirty years, and "no fixed address" is probably an accurate attribute for long stretches of that time (although I'm not quite clear about this; my older brother H says he's been living in a mobile home in Tennessee). Some of his past behaviors, which have resulted in his being persona non grata to certain members my immediate family, include the following:

  1. He was allegedly discovered in bed with my cousin's wife. Their marriage ended.
  2. His means to effect cannabis legalization: He turned himself in for possession, at the police station. He intended to continue doing this until other people, then lots of people, joined him. But nobody else did.
  3. Another alleged attempt to effect political change involved his carrying huge signs along the median of the Beltway, while wearing only a jockstrap.
  4. In his self-published book, which contains much real wisdom, he describes his teen-aged sexual congress with livestock.
  5. As a wedding present, he allegedly gave my brother H a weird thrift-store painting.
He's done nothing that's bothered me directly, however... I've generally found him interesting company, so I'm looking forward to this meeting. The problem will come at the end of the evening, if he attempts to bum a ride, request "space to crash", etc. I may have to be rude. I don't think I would ever fall asleep, with him in the other room.

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