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small gray square I'm sure I saw the photo at the CNN site yesterday, but no sign of it today: the skunk with its head lodged inside a Yoplait container. This page has some amateur shots of the same phenomenon. (The one I saw yesterday was a solid profile, lettering clear - it told the whole story.) They say a new skunk-friendly container design is already in progress.

small red square Yogurt's okay, but I rarely eat it. A bad experience early on, with an improperly stirred serving, put me off the stuff for years. Even though it carries that slight flavor of a carton of milk left out too long, it's usually tasty - a special favorite is (gulp) Yoplait "Custard-Style". However, I've really grown to loathe the little scraping noises people make with their plastic spoons as they empty out another little tub. (I think they unconsciously sense my annoyance and exaggerate their little skunk-tongue sounds.)

small orange square Recently I saw a reference somewhere to "poutine", which wasn't in my dictionary. Turns out it's the Québecois version of what they call "chili cheese fries" around here, with turkey gravy 'stead of chili.

small blue square Finally getting some grasp on the new problem they've assigned me to resolve. A slightly new capability, involving color: under specific conditions they want an icon to turn blue. Like that artist, who even got a shade named after himself - Yves Klein? - he was so obsessed with making things blue that he laced the beverages at one of his openings, with some fiendish chemical that made everybody's urine blue the next day!

small yellow square Our heat wave has ended, once again the temperatures are moderate. In fact I'm going to replace the heater's fuse now and hope for the best - the night grows chilly.

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