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small white square The vote is in, the will of the people states that I revert back to the default. The stylish font of the last two days was merely an experiment.

small blue square I have three uncles. The two living can easily be characterized as the Happy Uncle and the Crazy Uncle. (The third's the craziest of all; he put a gun to his head twenty years ago.) I've had no contact with the Crazy for a long time; today we spoke on the phone and I'll be having dinner with both of them up at the Happy's house in the City Thursday. The Happy Uncle is an accountant, is married with a grown child and grand-child; the Crazy is another story. I may have upset things between us for a long time by inviting him to speak to C's "Deviant Behavior" class. No matter how I phrase that, it sounds bad, and I can't believe now I made that phone call. (It was long time ago.) Uncle Crazy said he was just at the annual Rainbow Gathering in Tucson. This could be trouble.

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small orange square Jerzy quote of the day:

"Those are rich people," said Woytek. "They think they always win. But in fact they're losing twice: once while they're alive, because with so much to lose they never really take chances; and once they die, because being rich they lose so much."
    Blind Date, 1977

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