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small green square Too much email action tonight for a coherent entry - take this flashback, instead.

small yellow square Several years ago I was having lunch at the small "Teriyaki 7" restaurant in Hermosa Beach, right off The Strand, just south of the pier. (Watch for the big aka-chochin hanging ouside the door, blowing around in the sea-breeze, indicating that it's open - and order your chicken "no skin" - it'll be fine). A taciturn Japanese guy runs this place, and we gradually got to know each other since I came in so frequently, usually in the evenings. <1> This afternoon when I was lunching, a bunch of surfer dudes were hanging out at an adjacent table, where I heard this priceless tale:

"So we were going at it pretty heavy, you know? Then all of a sudden she sneezed - and I looked down and there was this huge gob of lung-cheese on my leg. What was I supposed to do?"
His chums all guffawed then, but I was trying to be discrete. I kept staring at my book, shuddering as I stifled my own laughter. Then he said what he did do, but in a voice too low for me to hear.

aka - red
chochin - lantern
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<1> Once I saw him with a much younger date at a nifty Japanese restaurant called "Gengii" in Gardena - we nodded to each other. Another time (at his restaurant) he brewed me up a cup of his special tea (tea isn't even on his menu; if you want a drink he gestures at the icebox full of softdrink cans).