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small gray square So the big boss from New Jersey brought along a guy who's allergic to nuts. This guy's metabolism reacts much like those who're allergic to bee venom - a taste (like a sting) might kill him. This morning somehow his breakfast bread was made with almonds, and he forgot his emergency kit! Apparently he saved himself by induced puking, and we had to hear about his troubles at length and in detail. His rant made me very grateful that I have no allergies, (Apparently only a little is fatal, like even using a pan which was previously used to cook something nutty.) Even with things this critical, he somehow managed to get on an airplane without his emergency kit. The actual killing reaction to the allergen is a swelling up of the throat which restricts breathing after a few minutes.

small green square Trying to restrain my anti-social tendencies with this group, two of whom (including the big boss) have met me before and really like me - in fact they concentrate on my every comment, in hopes that it'll be a funny one - and sometimes they laugh anyway. But I find their extended conversations wearying, after just a short while - this is due to an already over-socialized last few days - I can only stand so much. Dinner with them tomorrow.

small red square Of a sudden we have a heat wave here in the Bay Area - and my fan just died! Not like Texas, we'll only hit 100 in the hottest areas, like South San Jose.
(Later.) The fan is working again, after an hour's rest. Not typical behavior for this appliance.

small violet square Listening to MarketPlace this evening, a story about personal computer ownership in Western Europe. Family ownership there is 25% vs 45% in the US & Canada, and those Euros are eager to catch up. This is what one said:

"Everybody wants to make Internet.
Everyone wants to buy computer."
So everybody's selling them, also, hence prices are very low. The programs example was PCs in the grocery stores, with prices equivalent to $600.

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