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small violet square I have smelled decaying flesh, and I think that the tarry stench which accompanies roofers' work is worse. Today this odor was wafting around outside the cafeteria; couldn't figure out its source. My supervisor/coworker saw me there, so naturally we had to eat together, thus I was deprived of my lunchtime Jerzy reading. All this social obligation! After work I rendezvous with G, tomorrow and the next day my real boss is here from New Jersey, so I must stay loose and be available those evenings should he choose to have one of his dinners (which are generally quite nice, I shouldn't complain).

small orange square The usual doubts are surfacing about my relations with "A" - I can sense the parabola's course already. Anything deep seems unlikely, and the central quandary becomes: am I taking advantage of her, and am I therefore a creep? Or are we just doing what two lonely people do when they come together, and I should just knock it off with the anguish and enjoy what comes? For whatever reason this is difficult for me, but this time the feelings are mild - anguish too extreme, bemusement more accurate.

small yellow square G and I had two separate sushi experiences tonight, between drives around the area to see one of the huge Fry's electronics stores and also where I work. We wanted noodles the second time, but they all closed too early so we wound up at a mechanical sushi bar - in Northern California these places aren't uncommon - they gussy up the conveyor belt with a trough of water and call it "Sushi Boats" (which I think is kind of hinky) - my favorite restaurant of this type is a white-walled proletarian venue near Shibuya station in Tokyo - the little dishes are added to the belt so quickly they overlap. I've wanted to show G a real one for years though (none exist in the Washington area back east) so it was a fun night all around.

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